Sunday, 3 June 2012

one of the bestest songs ever

Saw this on Snub TV in 1989. Already like a bit of REM and a lot of indie, but this was instrumental in steering me towards music that was a tad less "raggghhhh fuck the government", as well as being a fucking spine-tingler of epic proportions.

sitting watching clouds go by
falling across a very wide sky
it's the night of the chill blue
and i'd like to say how I love you
but it's all been said in other songs
and if i try to say it new
then i'll say it wrong
so I think of you, the only one
i wish that it was just us two
but it's you and me and us - that's three
 twinkling stars over foreign lands
silent camel train on desert sands.
 Its the night of the chill blue
and I hope to god you feel this too

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