Sunday, 19 February 2012

who's driving your brain?

an Uncle Bob habit I find useful is realising which "you" is in charge of your brain at any one time: the rationalist, the magician, the solipsist, the egotist, the artist, etc
if you think you're only one thing all the time, you'll struggle with the attendant cognitive dissonance, and you will probably become just one thing all the time, which is no way to deal with reality
thinking that you're a rationalist is to deny everything else you are; rather like stating that an apple "is" green, while ignoring that it is also (mostly) spherical, sometimes red, a fruit, nutritious when ingested, etc.
also, if you observe humans for any length of time, one thing you will observe is that they are rarely completely rational. now, remember that you belong to the set of all humans and apply that to yourself. because it's always easier to see in others. our own biases are too close to our nervous system & related senses for us to notice.