Saturday, 30 April 2011

The real parasites

in 2009 benefit cheats cost the country around £900 million
whereas rich tax loop-hole abusers lost the UK around £18.5 billion

Who are the real parasites?

Once the government shifted the unemployed from the dole onto incapacity benefit, in order to make the unemployment figures look better - this is called "lying"

These days the government and media (not just the right wing shitrags, it seems) stigmatise those on incapacity as scroungers, living it up at every decent taxpayer's expense.
This, after Thatcher's neoliberal policies decimated entire communities, reducing proud workers to doley scroungers.

This, after both Labour and Conservative governments have devalued our national industries and wealth. After they filter more and more public money into private (often foreign) hands. After they deregulate markets, only to use OUR money to bail out the same markets when their vile, single-minded fucking greed causes them to fail. Destroying thousands of jobs, all the while labelling the jobless as scrounging scum.
You overwork yourself into ill-health, half your wages taken from you to pay for services that, more and more, are being given away to private companies. When you're no longer fit to work, you're wrenched through the dehumanising welfare system, labelled as a worthless beggar and denied the crumbs from the system you've contributed to all of your life.

If you dare to speak up about this then you're labelled as a dangerous extremist.
Because it's extremist to put people before profits.
Because it's extremist to value people whose absolute poverty is caused by our unnecessary luxuries.
Because it's extremist to deny the war machine that bulldozes millions of innocent lives into mass graves.
Because it's extremist to love rather than hate.
Because it's extremist to put a value on human lives above and beyond that pound or dollar sign.
Because it's extremist to stand demand a living wage for your life of toil.
Because it's extremist to organise workers' rights in the face of major corporations paying death squads in third world countries to produce cheaper goods for spoiled first world consumers.
Because the word "fuck" is more obscene than 25000 children dead every day due to capitalism's chokehold on the production of crops.
Because business must go on, because no poor fucker's life is worth stalling the flow of more and more of the resources which belong to everyone into fewer and fewer grasping hands.
Because saying no to the centuries-long carving up of the middle east for it's resources is extremist, while the charred corpses desiccating in the desert are just more collateral damage.
And, to ask your oppressor to consider removing his boot from your face is hate speech.

ALL governments are liars, thieves and murderers.

We owe you NOTHING

RIP Poly Styrene

Belated farewell to Marianne Joan Elliot-Said aka Poly Styrene. A true original & inspiration. Prescient lyrics, too.

Treason Is Ambition

Jewels drip red and I don't sound proud
Treason is ambition I want dead procession
All we got unholy left-overs of a compromise
Leaving us like butterflies trapped in frost

(Bow down)

Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you
Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you

England's glory lives on in world wide genocide
So celebrate Buchenwald as Her Majesty's heir
Now an obselete face on a currency of illusion
No matter what we own we can't buy freedom

Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you
Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you

Throw myself against you cause you ain't frail
Underneath silk riches sixty six million giving slaves
The needle of religion's gonna rust my skin
Tear out and exit obeyance of created sin

Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you
Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you baby

Faces pressed at gates of anniversary torture
Without these fake images we'd never bow down
Don't need this history but we still accept
Conscripted into a past that invents our guilt

Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you
Ceremony rape machine
Love won't corrode you baby

Dumb flag scum

This is a message from occupied England

Repeat after me
Fuck queen and country
Repeat after me
Death sentence heritage
Repeat after me
Death camp palace

Useless generations
Dumb flag scum
Useless generations
Dumb flag scum

Repeat after me
Fuck queen and country
Repeat after me
Royal Khymer Rouge
Repeat after me
Imitation demi-gods

Useless generations
Dumb flag scum
Useless generations
Dumb flag scum

I've seen this happen before
A force of sensationalism
A force of sensationalism
From earliest human existence there proved to be two fundamental ways of thinking
What happens to the brains?
What happens?
British adults expect a nuclear war in our lifetime

Useless generations
Dumb flag scum
Useless generations
Dumb flag scum

Repeat after me
Fuck queen and country
Repeat after me
Royal Khymer Rouge
Repeat after me
Imitation demi-gods

Useless generations
Dumb flag scum
Useless generations
Dumb flag scum

Useless generations
Dumb flag scum
Useless generations
Dumb flag scum

Just remember, although they'd expect you to die for it, this country is not yours

Monday, 25 April 2011


e m p t i n e s s

Friday, 22 April 2011

lament blossoms


i know no one is reading this
y'know what?
i don't care
blogs are for losers with an inflated sense of self-worth
i don't have that
but at least i'm drunk

mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces

I've no idea when thanksgiving actually is, and I couldn't give two fucking hoots.
We should all thank our ancestors for being bigger thugs than those they wiped out.
All our dreams have been taken from us and offered for sale.
All the power of the state says "might is right".
Try to challenge it if you dare.
And those who live by that credo... beware the might which wells in the shadows.

crooked axes

it spins
a crooked axis
left it
by the road


Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
Albert Einstein, (attributed) (1879 - 1955)


        The SOCRATIC APPROACH is most successful when confronting the ignorant. The "socratic approach" is what you call starting an argument by asking questions. You approach the innocent and simply ask "Did you know that God's name is ERIS, and that He is a girl?" If he should answer "Yes." then he probably is a fellow Erisian and so you can forget it. If he says "No." then quickly proceed to:
        THE BLIND ASSERTION and say "Well, He Is a girl, and His name is ERIS!" Shrewedly observe if the subject is convinced. If he is, swear him into the Legion of Dynamic Discord before he changes his mind. If he does not appear convinced, then proceed to:
        THE FAITH BIT: "But you must have Faith! All is lost without Faith! I sure feel sorry for you if you don't have Faith." And then add:
        THE ARGUMENT BY FEAR and in an ominous voice ask "Do you know what happens to those who deny Goddess?" If he hesitates, don't tell him that he will surely be reincarnated as a precious Mao Button and distributed to the poor in the Region of Thud (which would be a mean thing to say), just shake your head sadly and, while wiping a tear from your eye, go to:
        THE FIRST CLAUSE PLOY wherein you point to all of the discord and confusion in the world and exclaim "Well who the hell do you think did all of this, wise guy?" If he says, "Nobody, just impersonal forces." then quickly respond with:
        THE ARGUMENT BY SEMANTICAL GYMNASTICS and say that he is absolutely right, and that those impersonal forces are female and that Her name is ERIS. If he, wonder of wonders, still remains obstinate, then finally resort to:
        THE FIGURATIVE SYMBOLISM DODGE and confide that sophisticated people like himself recognize that Eris is a Figurative Symbol for an Ineffable Metaphysical Reality and that The Erisian Movement is really more like a poem than like a science and that he is liable to be turned into a Precious Mao Button and Distributed to The Poor in The Region of Thud if he does not get hip. Then put him on your mailing list.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

a little late to do anything about it...

...but it's nice to know your tax money is being given to companies who profit from death

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

everything falls apart

everything is so fucked up i guess we like it that way

cut up of some anarcho-punk lyrics i banged out ad-lib

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Axis Axes Don't Axe Me Bold As Love

related to the Iain McGilchrist book I'm still reading, and the notion of humans having 2 axes of experience - the horizontal of direct experience of the world, and the vertical of examination or rumination of experience - too much of each one necessitates losing touch with the other
I guess we all tend to a certain degree towards the horizontal or vertical, to the exclusion of the other
some of us are so in the moment we fail to examine our experience, and some of us are so fixed up on examination that we fail to experience the world in it's rawest state
when I saw a clinical psychiatrist for my depression, a little over a decade ago, he said that excessive rumination was a major causative factor in my (then) current state of mind
sometimes it pays just to experience the world with your cognitive filters turned down as low as they'll go, and sometimes it pays to reflect upon your experience
maybe the wisdom lies in knowing when to, and how to, flip from one axis to the other

Sunday, 17 April 2011

something there then

nothing here now but the words
nothing here now but the
nothing here now but
nothing here now
nothing here

Saturday, 16 April 2011


no conclusions
no end to it
eternal return
digesting oneself
hungry for the fall
a creaking wheel of dead suns
illuminating the scrabblings
of mere beasts
stones erected
monuments to rotted flesh
no conclusions
no final theory
no exact model
more layers of metaphor
more pits of putrefying flesh
the meat that dreamed itself a god
pain or knowledge
only destruction
no redemption
no saviour
no promised land
no elysian fields
no milk and honey
toiling in grey filth forever
as above so below
nothing but symbols
choking reality
blinding all eyes
forever occluded
destiny is ashes
of dreams
of hopes
of progression
 burning in black flames
until the seed is reborn
to strive for heaven
to fail
mired in an arrogant ignorance
lit pale by unreachable stars
tending to
falling to
we don't got to show you
no stinking 'reality'
saddled by egos
beyond our worth
thinking ourselves
creatures of light
chained to our filth
caged in our prisons of meat
circumscribed by our failings
forever damned to be
one step removed
our dreams
anchored by our history
nailed to crosses
of our inflated self-worth
sacrificed to an emptiness
of our own devising
a false holiness
raised on feeble legs
lame and crippled
we fall back
into our own black sea
our own eternity of blankness
our own bland chaos
of broken clocks
of empty words
of meaningless symbols
of monuments to ourselves
of graves we clawed into the cold earth
with our weak animal hands
of our shame
which tugs
at our roots
never escaping
what we are
lost beasts
who thought themselves

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Atheist mysticism

Found a nice post on the subject here:

Hope to post more on the matter myself, if my insomnia ever allows me to collect my thoughts.

Friday, 1 April 2011

“Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire

Always be drunk.
That's it!
The great imperative!
In order not to feel
Time's horrid fardel
bruise your shoulders,
grinding you into the earth,
Get drunk and stay that way.
On what?
On  wine, poetry, virtue, whatever.
But get drunk.
And if you sometimes happen to wake up
on the porches of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the dismal loneliness of your own room,
your drunkenness gone or disappearing,
ask the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock,
ask everything that flees,
everything that groans
or rolls
or sings,
everything that speaks,
ask what time it is;
and the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock
will answer you:
"Time to get drunk!
Don't be martyred slaves of Time,
Get drunk!
Stay drunk!
On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"

Fuck death

Fuck life